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AOMPT provides online courses with flexible dates and timings (customized) to participants. 

These courses are provided through online and study materials (lecture pdf, audio clip and video clips) are sent with question paper. Successful participants who submit their answers promptly will be issued digital certificate.

Resource person: Prof Senthil P Kumar,
Chief instructor-AOMPT The world's ninth most cited author on Manual Therapy in Google Scholar is an Indian Physio, who has record-breaking 252 journal publications,117 conference lectures as invited speaker, 19 first prizes from 38 conference paper presentations in 11 countries, 70 awards and conducted 100 workshops (including the ongoing record-breaking 15 workshops this season at Delhi NCR) in 18 states of India as a resource person, and rated 4.9 stars/out of 5 for online courses @+918059934234

List of Online courses- AOMPT : 
1. Manual Therapy- 12 Concepts introductory course
2. NeuroManual Therapy
3. MyoManual Therapy
4. ArthroManual Therapy
5. Kinesiotaping
6. Rigid taping
7. Cupping Therapy
8. Biomechanics Made Easy
9. Manual Therapy for Neck Pain
10. Manual Therapy for Back Pain
11. Manual Therapy for Foot and Ankle
12. Manual Therapy for Temporomandibular Disorders
13. ArthroMyoNeuro Manual Therapy
14. Lower Extremity Kine(ma)tic Chain Integration Techniques (LEKCIT) 
15. Mobilization of spine
16. Mobilization of upper limb joints
17. Mobilization of lower limb joints
18. Muscle energy techniques
19. Myofascial release techniques
20. Spinal Palpation
21. Taping in Neurological Disorders
22. Posture & Manual Therapy
23. Manual Therapy for Extremities
24. Upper Extremity- Anatomy and Biomechanics
25. Upper Extremity Soft Tissue Injuries- Differential diagnosis
26. Lower Extremity- Anatomy and Biomechanics

All 26 courses combo fee: 15000 (Total 26 certificates, each with 25 online contact hours).

Duration for each online course is 10 days. Study materials will be sent through online and completion of tasks will entitle certification. 

*Fee is valid for Certificate of completion (with exam) 
Fee is 200 extra for Certificate of attendance (without exam). 

Combo discounts available, customized dates, study at own convenience, and clarify doubts 24/7. 

The courses are rated 5/5 stars by participants from 22 countries, and are conducted by the world's 12th most cited author on Manual Therapy in Google Scholar. 

Contact information:
Indian participants: +918059934234.
Overseas participants (fee in USD equivalent): +918920239123

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Prof Senthil P Kumar